View Full Version : Tom Orozco- great turned TERRIBLE!!

06-11-2007, 11:09 PM
well it has been awhile but I found Tom on ebay, he sold me 3 powerbass xa3000d's for $900us, the first transaction was GREAT, got them fast in mint condition and he was a very nice guy.

then the next time i contacted Tom I wanted 2 more of the amps until he told me he had a term lab forsale so I told him I wanted 1 amp and the termlab, so that very day I sent him something like $750us and he said he would get them shipped ASAP, this was a month before world finals, so I had a few people I know go to world finals so I just told him after 3 weeks of them not being shipped out to just to bring them to world finals, so they brought the amp and the tl back for me, the TL worked fine and then the amp was screwed, so i contacted Tom and told him the amp was screwed and he didnt know why, I told him that my friend just so happend to buy the same amp off a different person at finals and could have swapped them.

So he told me he would fix it if I sent it back to him, so I sent it back to him and when i did that another friend wanted one so I sent him the money for another one... BIG MISTAKE!!! after he got the amp I tried contacting him many many times and it was only until I went on termpro and said a bunch of rude stuff to him he called me and claimed the amp that I sent to him was one of the ones he didnt sell me, so I told him to give me all the serial numbers he had and he never did, therefore he made off with $650usd of my friends money which falls on me.

Tom was a very good guy when i first dealt with him, Now I hope no one ever ends up like me, ripped off.