View Full Version : My Trunk Dimensions

02-20-2003, 07:53 PM
Ok, Heres my choices

1. Buy 2 Hatchback boxes Already with the Kicker L7's in them...And I would have 2 of them sealed (2 boxes, 2 subs)

2. Build a Dual Custom box INSIDE of my trunk. Harder Work, Less Money, But only 1 box instead of 2.

Ok....They will be Two 12" Kicker L7's.

Heres my Trunk Dimensions. the Max trunk dimenesions, and the ones i would wanna go with, so I have room to screw and crap.

~Left Trunk to right Side: Max=35....recomended so I have room to work=28 inches...

~Rear of the trunk to the Rear Seats: Max=30...recomended=27

~Bottom of trunk to Speaker Magnets: Max=15.5.....recomended=13

Ok, That leaves me with a good amount of room to build a Dual Sealed 12" kicker L5/L7 Box. What would the dimensions of the box be to have each sub have 2 cubic feet.....and 3 cubic feet.....-Plus, there will be a 3/4 MDF divider inbetween the subs..so remmber that too...

Wanna know my possibilities.... (Stay within the Recomended Dimensions Please)

Need to know anything else? hhe sorry for the confusion..