View Full Version : Eclipse CD3100 VS Clarion DXZ775USB

06-09-2007, 11:25 PM
well i can get eather below cost, so money isnt the issue. but it come down to build quality. i just installed a CD3100 a S2000 today and was inpressed with the new layout. the large volume knob is a HUGE improment over my cd4000 flushed volume knob. also i like the larger screen and detatch faceplate. but other then that is has the same features as my 4000 other then tilt and backlight colours(i dont care about eather) so its definaly not a down grade. we just started to carry clarion at my shop and am curious about the DXZ775USB. i see clarion has stepped it up this year and now has 6volt preouts. i would probaly do a ipod interface on eather just casue i can so wich has a better ipod control. a few other things i see on clarions web site is 24bit DA. im also wonder about the LPF and HPF cut off frequencys. the eclipse only goes a low as 80. im hoping the clarion brakes into the 60s. also the clarion has time alignment wich in my little truck isnt a big deal, but i do plan to upgrade vehicals to a suv some day!! sooo speaking for a sound quality stand point as well as over all usabilty what would u guys pic