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06-08-2007, 05:52 PM
like you can see me selling all my stuff..

i have to sell all my stuff since the baby is coming and taking up space and i need to get some extra cash.

i wanted to make a BIG server and i did. i used ALMOST ALL the hard drives of some computers i have. i used the memories and the cd writers. and i took some parts of some computers. ALL COMPUTERS ARE FULLY WORKING i just needed the extra harddrives to store and make a almost 1 terabyte server

first is a compaq computer doesnt have the cd writer, memory and hard drive. the procesor is a pentium celeron 1.8 ghz i beilive

next up is a hp pavilion computer. it have a 2.00ghz procesor pentium, it comes with floppy drive, it doesnt come with the cd writer and hard drive.

next up is an ibm computer will make excellent job for a small server. the computer doesnt have any pulled parts all the parts are there. it comes with windows 98 i beilve il check it later and if its 98 i will supply you if you want a copy of windows 2000

all the computers are in great shape the motherboards are great the heatsinks and procesors are fuly working. and you can make a custom project for fairly cheap.

and for the last thing im selling a almost brand new id otn knwo wat is called a cable modem i beilve the thing that you get from your cable and converts it to ethernet and makes the internet. this is 3 times faster than the regual modem you get when you sign up for comcast or the other service. i have the original motorola you get form comcast with everythign is in the garage im askign 35 shipped for it.

and for the dlink modem im asking 45

any questions juzz email me pm me or reply me and i will answer them asap. thanks alot .

06-08-2007, 05:57 PM
i think i forgot the prices.

50 for the ibm computer

45 for the hp

40 for the compaq

and i want 100 for all 3 computers