View Full Version : Question about Alpine 9881 head

06-08-2007, 01:55 PM
Hello, first time post, this seems like a great place:)

Currently, I have an Alpine CDM 9801 running through an all-alpine system (subs, sub amp, 4 5.5" in my Acura—sounds great!). For the past year, it decides it doesn't want to play burned CDs when it gets hot (but it will always play regular CD's). I cleaned the lens, nothing, same problem. Heard of this?

So, I have found the Alpine CDE-9881 as my base model because I need RCA sub outs and it shows as the lowest price head with these outputs.

First, 9881 only has 16x4 watts RMS as opposed to my old 9801 with 21x4 watts RMS! My only amp is a 600 RMS sub amp bridged mono to 2 12"—the mids/highs I'm running off the head, so I'm wondering if coming down to 16 watts RMS will be problematic?

Second, any suggestions on comparable/better heads out now? Panasonic? Pioneer? I don't really like Sony. I did all the research 3.5 years ago when I built my system so I haven't been current with developments in the audio world, so any advance would be appreciated! Thanks.