View Full Version : Will My Speakers Be Compatible With My Amp?

bones justice
06-07-2007, 07:41 PM
I have a MTX Thunder TC 4002 2 channel amplifier for my mids and highs. the ratings of the amp is :

100x2 @ 4ohms
200x2 @ 2ohms
400x1 @ 4ohms bridged.

I have a pair of 6.5" Beyma Midbass speakers which a 4ohms @ 100 watts rms.
Also a pair of Hollywood Sound Labs 6.5" component speakers (2 midwoofers, 2 tweeters , 2 crossovers). The comps are also 4 ohms.

Can i hook up one beyma 6.5" speaker and one side of the component speakers to 2 ohm stereo on the amp so the comps are connected to 2 separate channels and the can play in sync with the beymas. so 1 beyma and 1 set of the components(1 midwoofer, 1 tweeter and one crossover) can be hooked up together on separate channels. Is this possible. need help if this is good or will it be bad? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

06-07-2007, 11:16 PM
That would work, but if you don't have an identical amp, power wise for the second amp (this is what your doing, using 2x 2ch amps to get 4 channels?), then your gonna have some inconsistances in sound. May or may not be noticable, but It would bug me..

not 100% sure on your question, but I hope I answered semi on topic.