View Full Version : maldecido33 ~ Good buyer....AGAIN!

06-05-2007, 02:22 PM
As a seller it is always a bit of an ego stroke when someone thinks enough of the way you treated them in a past transaction to come back to do business again based on that prior experience.

This is what has happened with myself and maldecido33.

This is a user (maldecido is) who is extremely easy to work with. Once he decides to make a purchase you almost cannot send your payment information to him before he's trying to send you your money! WHat I'm saying here is that he doesn't play around, ladies and gentlemen. :thumbsup: Once he decides to buy? He pays. Simple as that.

As I have stated before - if there is anything you're selling that maldecido33 wants please do not hesitate to sell to him. He pays quick, communicates well, and if there is a unforeseen problem with whatever he bought from you he is considerate enough to come to you and try to settle it in a grownup fashion rather than immediately resort to making unwarranted "X-user - BAD SELLER/SCAMMER!!" threads.

A+ trading partner in my book :greedy: