View Full Version : Replace rears and door twoeaters or cmpletely take them out?

06-03-2007, 11:14 AM
Alright, I've recently started redoing my whole system. I DID have a MACH 460 system, which wasn't TOO bad for stock, but I wanted something good.

Now, I already replaced the door speakers with Alpine Type-S's, and am running them off a Diamond 400.1. Also, as you can see in my sig, I'm gonna be puttign in 2 DD1510's.

Right now, in the rear, only the tweaters work for some reason, rear mids don't. Should I replaces the mids and tweaters? Or since I've read leaving out the rears will help sound from the subs enter the cab more easily, should I just leave them out?

My other problem, in the MACH system, there's a pair of tweaters on the top of the door, in a fitted box. Reason I can't just take it out? The door panel's cut and looks horrid without it. These don't work either thanks to some stupid move by my dealership when I had them replace a blown mid (Put the speaker from the normal stock system in with the mach system, much smaller, different impedence :wow:). I want to defiently take off the MACH emblem (Why endorse something I'm not running?) and put new material over the encloser (As there are three holes from the emblem). Should I just go ahead and replace the tweaters with something a little nicer?