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05-28-2007, 03:24 AM
Have been looking for some while to find peel and seal and couln't find any in our locals lowes and home depot stores. Today i was in a mexican home depot and these guys carried something similar, 2.5 mm thick tar mat with aluminium foil on one side and adhesive on the other. So i bought a roll to make an experiment in one of my doors with it.
Left it lying in the sun for a couple hours appr 100 F in direct sunshine and the stuff is not running and doesn't emit any strong smell.
So i thought i make an experiment on one of my doors with it. Since 'm currently getting my stuff together for an upgrade of the factory system in my GMC Envoy.

So off goes the door panel and this is what it looks like.


This black stuff is some sort of rubber sheet that was sticking to the door by some gung they put on.

Thats the door without it


some pretty large cut outs on that thing, makes internal access easier. Cleaned the door up using some carburetor cleaner, vaporizes quick and leaves no residues.

Next step is applying the tar foil, used some 3M 77 spray glue on top of the adhesive on the tar foil and on door surfaces, after some seconds it sticks really strong have to work careful to make sure it's not sticking to my fingers.

Put the rubber sheet back the speaker plastic mounting ring is actually sitting on top of it and reinstall th edoor panel and done. Used a 10 m by 10 cm roll for this

This is the first step to see how thsi stuff holds up in the high temp we have here in the south. Ina couple weeks will remove the panel when i will install my new speakers.

Theres some questions i have the large hole that can be seen in the above picture will have to be closed off i guess? That should seal the door better and I plan on using some Plexiglas and mount it inside the door. The only problem with that will be since it's so large it will be able to flex so i might add a brace on it that pushes on it from behind and is screwed to the left and right side of the hole. Any suggestions on this type of doors from people that went through the same?

For the speaker i thought about mdf plate that covers up the hole of the original speaker and has the mounting ring integrated in it. Any suggestions on his the problem on this will also be the original door cover has a perforated area were the speaker sits. I will need to find a solution for that. it doesn't look right from a sound standpoint to have that plastic material in front of the speakers.
Does anybody have done mods on of these doors or a similar one. Some pictures to give me some ideas would be nice.