View Full Version : Looking for something special in a Head unit

05-28-2007, 12:32 AM
Guys, my parents have been generous enough to purchase me an older Maxima for my personal enjoyment, so my origional plans for a car system are going through some changes. I now want to do a car-puter that will be the central control hub for a number of systems. Most important of all these is the audio playback system. I'm got over 100 gigs of FLAC'ed CDs on my desktop that I want to take wtih me where ever I go. This mandates the use of a carputer with a touchscreen, BUT I absolutely hate using buttons to control buttons and radio tuning so I need some help selecting a head unit in integrate into my system.

I want to do a complicated system that includes a 3 way front stage and subs. I have two options. I can either purchase thousands of dollars of standalone equipment that can do all the crossing, eq'ing, time alignment, etc (as the computer can't do it) and just use the headunit for volume control, or I could get a head unit that can do all of that and just use the computer as a source.

I do believe that the only head unit that can do 3 way fronts with a sub is the Pioneer P9. Do you still have to buy that seperate piece with the P9 headunit? And what third party crossovers can do what I want?

What do you guys think I should do? Which route will be the cheapest? Are there any head units that are meant purely for loudness and volume control?