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05-25-2007, 04:14 AM
just kidding, this is my first post, and the first thing i have to ask is ...what has happened to all the competitors from the washington state/montana/idaho area?? we did several shows here in the early 90s and we had lots of competitors from that area, and i have now had 4 years in a row ( 3x iasca/idbl, and for our 4th year in a row we are doing 2xdb drag, and 2x usaci with outlaw spl, and to date we have had 1 competitor come up for the festivities. i know we slay you guys in hockey, but i think you would do a lot better at this.:rolleyes:

05-25-2007, 01:38 PM
welcome to the site

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welcome to ca

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That ***** man . SPL comps and SPL either is not all that big in michigan either. and the ones mostly sometimes you see around here are Sh*t setups like RF , audiobahn , kenwood , sony etc.... except the taylor Db drag i went to that was good good companys represented there like Re , Fi , sundown , DD etc..... but man if you don't see alot of people into audio where your at either get people into it if u can or try and help out the ones there that are just starting out. remember man audio is what you make of it . and also welcome to the forums.