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05-22-2007, 04:26 PM
I recently got my Alpine 7995 stolen from Toyota Celica and now starting to look for a replacement considering either another alpine or switching to pioneer but would like to know what you guys think. I currently have (stuff they didn't steal thankfully) front and back 6.5 infinity kappas can't remember what model but they were top of the line when I bought them 2 years ago along with 1 500 watt rockford fosgate amp powering my 10" Alpine type S Subwoofer and another 550 4 channel rockford fosgate amp powering my 4 speakers. I pretty much into performance and clarity rather than looks since all of known is alpine for the past 4 years i'm not sure if I shoul switch or not. I have been looking heavily into the pioneer 880prs though any advice would help


05-22-2007, 04:33 PM
I really like the Eclipse units. There are several used ones for sale here. I really like the tuning capabilities. It's easy to use, lots of options available. Time alignment is useful as well.

05-22-2007, 04:35 PM
Eclipse is good, I just always thought they seems a bit juvenile in the design.

I can say from my experience with the 880 that it is a fantastic headunit!

Just my thoughts....

05-22-2007, 04:41 PM
I never had the chance to use an 880. I did play with a 680 and it wasn't that great. I got the hang of using my Eclipse 8443 within moments, the 680 i spent 10 mins trying to figure things out. The Eclipse does have a much simpler design, it would be nice to have more of a display, but oh well. I guess its kinda like the Nak, Denon, and McIntosh decks. Very simple but really good for SQ. I've the Clarion decks are good as well.

05-22-2007, 09:08 PM
Ive always like eclipse head units. I currently have an eclipse avn 5495... has alot tuning options and plays about everything.

AVX Mike
05-22-2007, 09:54 PM
The new Eclipse decks aren't the same as the ones out a year or two ago. Big boxes got a hold of them and they just aren't quite the same. Out of Alpine and Pioneer I would choose Alpine. Personally I'm just not a fan of how Pioneers sound and how they navigate. I do like the Alpines for the sq of the decks, but in between the two I would recomend checking out Kenwoods. High volt pre outs, crossovers, DTA on the top deck, I think some mid line Excelon decks still have the parametric eq, SRS WOW on the high end deck again, 24 bit burr brown again on the top deck. Just my two cents.

05-22-2007, 10:56 PM
Its all a toss up with these decks. I find good and bad points of them all. I really liked my Eclipse 8053, Alpine 9835 and my favorite was the Clarion DRZ9255. I have a Kenwood x891 right now but find the sound a little thin and sterile. The 6900ub is warmer sounding and with the more eq it is easier to adjust for my taste. As far as Mp3 the Alpine 9835 was what I liked the most. The new USB stuff is very hard to judge. They both had , I mean pioneer and Kenwood, had noise issues. While in the usb mode, in between songs they both had a lot more noise then the cd. I don't know about the new Eclipse but I do see them losing more features. Only thing I can say is go to BB or CC buy one, try it out and if you don't like it take it back. Best thing about the big box company's you can take it back in 30 days. I have been doing this for a couple of months, yes I used cardomain also. they are only 1 day shipping away. Its very hard to determine what you like from what other people like.

05-22-2007, 11:03 PM
audiophile HUs:
1. Alpine 7990
2. Nak cd 700 and cd700II
3. Denon DCT 100 or Z1
4. McIntoah mx4000 or 5000

Thats about it for me

05-22-2007, 11:05 PM
I think you'd be best served picking from last years top flight models (used) from either Alpine, Eclipse, Pioneer or Kenwood, judging them on usability and features. Then spend a little on a really great deal for speakers. You get alot more bang for the buck upgrading the speakers than the HU.... too bad on the 7995 though, it was a nice HU...