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05-21-2007, 05:53 AM
ive been into it for 20 years now. have the same PPI amps ive had since the old days. gotta love the old skool stuff. the industry has definitely changed, but with the old brands usurped by corporate conglomorates, i see there are other new, young companies coming out with the good **** on the cutting edge. some of the sub companies and amp companies are just doing amazing **** now. not that i can afford any of it now. i am currently shopping for some replacement tens in the sub-$125 range. I am SQ oriented, and prefer large sealed boxes for extension deep into the 20s. The subs im looking at seriously all have Fs at about 25hz. The JBL GTO1004D, Cerwin Vega HED 10.4, Phoenix Gold OCTANE-ZR 10d4 all have respectible specs in that department. The PG has a xmax of 33mm peak to peak for example. The JBL and CV are about 24mm p-p, which isnt bad either. anyways, i just have to decide based on low-octave extension and SQ. I have a couple of months to decide....

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cant beat the price performance of the oem 10s from TC Sounds

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