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05-20-2007, 11:34 PM
Hello all,

This is my first post on the forum, and i'm looking for some input on my set up. First some quick back ground the car is a GMC Envoy with the non bose basic system.

I want to get rid of the bose stuff since it's sound wise not optimal.

The plan is to use an arc xxk 2100 to run the front system, in the first stage it will be run of the stock head unit with a LOC. The reason for keeping the head unit is that i'm waiting on the new Alpine 9887 unit which is due in the next couple months.

For the front component system (6.5 inch 2 way) i was looking at morel dotech ovation or the rainbow germaniums CS265.25. I have read some very positive reviews on the rainbows so i', leaning that side at the moment.
Auditioning the speakers in a local shop's not possible, nobody sells the germaniums in my area and also the morels can't be listen to since the local shop doesn't have any on display, according to the guys they are not moving enough of them and don't want to waste them on a demo board.

So if any of you guys has listen to both sets and wants to give me some advice it would be welcome. I'm listening to a variety of music which goes from Creed to Jazz to even ambiental type music. It all depends what mood i'm at. I;m more into sound quality then sheer volume except the occasional insanity attacks when i need to listen to some Creed , Twillight or Vast disc at high volume.

The second question is more install related. The woofer will goe in the door. The tweeter location i'm not sure. I thought about install in the A pillar and point them appr 10 cm below review mirror. But reading a lot of texts on placement i'm not to sure now. The reason is the distance between the woofer and tweeter being fairly large in this case, which is against the one point sound source idea. The other option might be adding it to the door next to the door opener above the arm rest and pointing upward again to the rear view mirror. In this case the germaniums silk tweeter might be a better option then the morel tweeter?

Does anybody has any recommendation for speaker placement in that specific vehicle, have looked at lot of car specific forums but have not come across anything detailed with regard to sound quality.

The doors will also be deadened, besides that i' might also add insulation to the car floor and eventually the roof. The car is allready fairly quit from factory at least from engine noise standpoint.

Well that concludes my somewhat long post.

Looking forward for some recommendations



05-21-2007, 11:44 AM
Did you have the Bose radio from the factory or stock? If stock where are the speakers mounted currently? The Bose setup has a mid in the door and the tweets mounted on the dash and it sounds really nice and gets pretty **** loud.

05-21-2007, 02:20 PM
hahha personally the Bose system ***** in the Envoy, personally Bose ***** for the price u pay, and there is so much better out there, screw Bose !!!!!

and Morels and Rainbows are great speakers, but i havent heard any so i couldnt tell which one is better