View Full Version : Need help finding a head unit

05-18-2007, 02:41 PM
first, just wanted to say great forum here. i recently decided to get new speakers (well, not yet, but will soon), and im still kinda new to everything.

the kind of head unit im looking for is pretty specific, but here are the things i would really like to see in the head unit:

-rds technology
-red buttons
-ability to move radio stations per number instead of the head unit seeking for a station
-external aux in, or ipod hook up

also, i have a few questions. i currently have an '01 grand am, and theres a small knob that controls the amount of light coming through the dash and the head unit. if i put an aftermarket head unit in, will that knob still work on the new head unit?

im also looking into getting a gps for my car, so would it be easier to just get a head unit with gps in it? are those gps' any good?

one last thing, would it better for me to get my things for a place like go-ho audio? or does a place like best buy do a good job with installation?

i cant remember the exact size of my speakers, but i think the front door are 5" and i have 6x9 in the back im pretty sure. and it has a double din slot stock. thanks for all the help

05-21-2007, 07:25 PM
can anybody think of any of those things? not all of those have to be met. most of those are a nice luxury, but i can deal