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05-17-2007, 04:36 PM
Hello folks
I've got an old Eclipse HU (9 yrs old) it a base model that's been a reliable unit. Lately it's not wanting to take a CD. I'm thinking it's time to upgrade anyway. I had thought I'd like to stay with Eclipse but I'm not wanting to go with an introductory model and my truck (1997 F350 CC) won't allow me to put anything other than a CD4000 in it. (The problem is the other Eclipse units face plate opens downward and my dash won't allow that.) I'm not all that thrilled about the looks of the CD4000 but I could live with it. I like the looks of the Premier 880 real well but I'm a little nervous about all the threads I've read about the unit showing up "DOA" and the grounding issues on some. My next choice is the Premier 780 but I've read plenty of threads about screens going dead. I've gone to a shop and listened to the 780 vs the 4000 and the 780 was noticeable nicer on FM (I didn't have a CD) but I'm sure the 4000 wasn't adjusted anywhere close to it's abilities. My question comes down to is the long term durability/realibility of the Premier's going to be that of the Eclipse's. I don't know that I'm going to get 9 yrs out of a CD4000 either but I've at least got a history with Eclipse.
Sorry for the long post. I appreciate any help anyone can give.
Thank you

05-17-2007, 05:06 PM
My Eclipse 5435 is 2 years old, and it's never missed a beat. My truck is always off-road, during the work week and then camping and motorcycle riding on the weekends. I think the 5435 is very close to the same as a cd4000, so if you go that route you're probably gonna get a good, long lasting unit.

I'm bumping this to the top because I'm also shopping HUs right now. Another Eclipse or a Pioneer 590 or 690 are the units I'm looking at so Pioneers durability is one of my biggest concerns. I want an i-pod/usb input, otherwise I'd use my 5435 until it was dead...