View Full Version : Boston Acoustics SL60s

05-15-2007, 11:39 PM
I grabbed a pair of Boston Acoustics SL60 6.5" 2 way components about a month ago to replace my Infinity Reference 5X7 comps. Install was fairly easy but the tweeter flush mount cups were a minor PITA to twist onto the tweets (had to hold the ridge on the tweeter in my vise!) and the x-overs have tiny terminal hardware. Put them in 1/2" mdf adaptors to get the 6.5s into the factory 5x7 spot in my Tacoma P/U. Tweets are flush mounted in the factory location at the top of the door. I have a single layer of AC duct rubber sound damper in my doors for deadening, didn't change anything on my half-assed deadening job when I swapped speakers. Running them on an old RF amp that is rated at 100x2 at 4 ohms, x-overed at 80hz to my sub.

Sound is in another world compared to my old Infinitys! Way better midbass, mids are much clearer, highs sound clean and real. Tweeters are pretty bright. I installed them at 0db attenuation, cut to -2db, then cut again to -4db, -4 is where they are staying for now although I can see going back to -2db when I get a HU with more than a 3 band eq. Clarity, volume and "listenability" is very good, I find myself listening to them at 2/3-3/4 volume for hours when on the road, with the Infinitys I would turn them up for a song but then right back down, sometimes before a song was over. Sirius sat radio broadcast quality is now the weak link in the sq of my system, I could barely hear any difference in sq from a clean CD to the sat radio with the Infinitys, with the SL60s the difference is huge.