View Full Version : Location for 5.25s and tweeters???

05-13-2007, 01:52 AM
I am having a difficult time finding a good place for my front stage (175hz and up). Kicks arnt a option and the doors are already taken by the midbass drivers. I do however have a spot that would work well space wise, but I am not sure how it will sound there because I have never tried this nor do I know anyone that has.

The location: Just above the windshield playing IB in a custom enclosure aiming down at my head. This location is about 2 feet in front of my head 4 inches above my head. The path lengths would be EQUAL which is a plus. My concerns are that the right and left speakers would not be that far apart...they would be about 6 inches apart, and that the speakers are not that far from my head. The vehicle would be a "one seater" which is fine with me...it only has one seat anyways and I will not compete with it.