View Full Version : amp for computer/starting home setup?

Lil Poot
05-11-2007, 02:16 PM
the amplifier for my klipsch promedia 5.1 computer system is cutting in and out on me and i've decided to replace it with something that will also be a good starting point for a home theater. for now its only going to be used for the computer.

for now i'm going to be using the same 5 klipsch satellite speakers, which are something like 50-75w, but i dont know what type of power a decent home setup works with. i'm never going to want anything crazy, i could see spending 1000 total for an amp and speakers. (i have a sub to use) planning on eventually doing home made speakers, building my own enclosures and probably using dayton stuff.

i'm going to be using a soundsplinter rl-p 12 d4 for the lows, i'm going to use a seperate amp for this, probably a small berenger. so basically all i need right now is a decent 100x5 right? anyone have any suggestions on a unit?

Lil Poot
05-15-2007, 07:39 AM
no thanks to you bastards, i once again have computer sound. went down to the local audio shop and got a pretty good deal on a floor model denon avr-1706 receiver, paradigm cinema cc center channel, cinema 90 rears, and atom monitor fronts. have an svs pb-10 nsd on the way.

even without bass, and getting its signal from a 4 year old creative audigy 2 zs's front l/r channels split with a radio shack headphone to RCA y-converter, it sounds halfway decent. this is temporary, in about 3 weeks a new sound card coming out that supports the latest sound standard for games and has optical/digital outputs, then i'll able to play in true surround. haven't watched any dvd's on it yet, but cd's from my external player really sound nice.

maybe a little overkill for a computer room setup, especially the subwoofer, but i've got a hell of a starting point if i want to buy some towers and a better center channel and have a real home theater, use the monitors for rears. besides, i spend a lot of time in here, everquest 2 still has its hooks in me....

05-18-2007, 04:25 AM
What SC are you getting?

I highly recommend this one (http://www.auzentech.com/kiosk/product_inferno.php) =D

Lil Poot
05-19-2007, 03:12 PM
i'm waiting about a month until auzentech releases their x-fi/x-meridian card. similar to the x-meridian but supports eax 5.0.