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05-10-2007, 02:04 AM
I was hoping to get a head unit sometime in the next week or two, wanting something that can provide good SQ, a decent equalizer, iPod capabilites (preferably control from head unit), and under 250 for all that.

A kid at my school was saying he had an Alpine 985? he couldn't remember what it was exactly but it didn't have the glide touch? Something to that effect for the headunit and the iPod processor for 175 or 225 around there. Can't remember sniffed way too much Lysol when I was closing at work.

Another option would be an Eclipse head unit, which apparently pwn the SQ. Not positive on models but if I could manage to find a decent used 5k or 7k that wouldn't be too bad, personally I'm not a fan of the lower models.

Third, I could go for the Pioneer, the same guy selling the Alpine works at Best Buy and said he would give me his discount on a deck. I could do the same for a newer Alpine or even Kenwood.

Personally I like the looks of Alpine but I have no idea on which will provide me with superior SQ or a superior equalizer. I was also considering a 1 din head unit with a 1/2 din equalizer, since Dodge decided to be goofy and give me a 1.5 din.

I plan to have 1/2 subs with their own amp, front stage later on with their own amp, I dont really know if that effects anything.

05-10-2007, 07:50 PM
Any suggestions here?