View Full Version : byoon001 = great buyer! A+++

05-09-2007, 01:37 PM
I just realized that I have been neglecting my responsibilities and to this point haven't made the thread I promised my latest buyer that I would make. (shame on Prowler :crap:)

So - in the interest of following through with what I told the gentleman I would do here it is! :D

byoon001 recently expressed interest in the Optimus passive EQ I was selling for a friend. He posed a few questions about the unit and once those had been answered to his satisfaction and he was given my PayPal address he didn't fool around....got me paid very promptly and kept open the lines of communication as I requested throughout the entire process.

An easy fella to talk with and even easier to sell to if you've got something he wants at a price he's agreeable with. Additionally for those that are sticklers about such things his PayPal account is complete with a PayPal Confirmed shipping address.

Do not hesitate to sell to this user if he wants/needs something you're trying to find a new home for.

I had an A+ experience with him so here's his buyer feedback that I owed him! :thumbsup: