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05-08-2007, 01:37 PM
Hello everyone.

My name is Andrew and I have been into car audio for about 16 years because of my older brothers. I would say the last 8 of them are more true. I am into modifying cars and into car audio. I currently have a 1989 Nissan 240sx hatch that is in the works.

I am currently working on my wifes Nissan 240sx 1996 at the moment in all departments. Most recent would be the audio part. here is a list of components I plan on running in her car.

F/s - crystal sscs 6
f/s amp - Diamond Audio D3400.4
Sub(s) - Sound Splinter 12" Rl-p x2
Sub amp - ??? Massive Audio P1500.1, MB Quart PAB 1200.1D, Orion HCCA-D1200, Autotek MM1400.1D

Unsure on s/a as you all can tell. I hope to learn more and be of some use around these boards.

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good seeing you

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^^^ u fu*ked up the rotation

ah well


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welcome to the site

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Welcome, good to see another Arizonan on the board :)

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Yo..? I see my name..?