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05-07-2007, 06:27 PM
Hey to all you car audiophiles. I have patched together a system that pretty much fits my needs, but isnt of the greatest caliber. I have limited resources (money), so over the past year and a half Ive been buying cheap stuff here and there to add to the system.
Presently I have a JVC head unit, and RF 300w amp for my 4 6x9s.
I have the following subs:
2) 10 RF 8ohm 200w rms/400w max
2) 10 Sony 4 ohm 500w rms/1000w max
2) 12 Sony 4 ohm 550w rms/1100 w max
These are running off of a 1000 w amp with the following specs:
4 channels
RMS @ 4 Ohms 4 x 125W
MAX @ 4 Ohms 4 x 250W
At 4 Ohms Bridged 2 x 500W
RMS @ 2 Ohms 4 x 200W
Min Speaker Impedance 2 Ohm
I presently have the 2) 10 RF 8ohm parallel presenting a 4 ohm load on one channel, the 2) 10 Sony 4ohm presenting a 2ohm load on one channel, and the 2) 12 Sony 4 ohm presenting a 4 ohm load on 2 channels.
I bid on a pair of 10 RF DVC 2 Ohm speakers, and didnt think I would win, but I did. I got 2 Rockford Fosgate Punch Stage 3 P310D2 10" 800W Subwoofer 2 ohms for $40 each. The power handling is 400w rms/800w max. If I use only the 10 RF DVC, I can wire each one to present a 4 ohm load, and bridge it on the amp. That is easy. What I am trying to do is get all the speakers to play off of the amp. (Yes, this is stupid, and I acknowledge that)
I wont be able to use the 2) 200w rms speakers for this configuration.
I am thinking that if I run 2 each of the Sony 10 subs parallel to make an 8 ohm load, and configure the 2 DVC parallel to present and 8 ohm load, then connect the 2 configurations in series, I will have a 4 ohm load to present it to 2 channels bridged. I am thinking this will give me a 4 ohm load and an output of 500 watts.
Does this sound right?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you.

05-07-2007, 07:14 PM
My head hurts and my ears are crying thinking what that must sound like.

Shitcan everything but the new subs. Build a proper box for the subs. Wire the coils of each sub in series to give you 2 4 ohm load and run each sub on a pair of the channels of you amp bridged and call it good. The sound will be WORLDS better than what you could ever hope to achieve with that mass o' "subs" you have now. More is usually less when it comes to mixing subs like that.

Also this is in the wrong forum.