View Full Version : using I-Ta / DSO 3D /HDEQ tuning on headunit

05-06-2007, 07:19 PM
i picked up a Sony CDX-GT705DX, which has a good amount of options...

some of them are I-Ta ("Sets a pricise delay for sound to reach the listener from the car speaker")

i dont think i will be needing this... has anyone used this feature on their headunits?

the next one is DSO 3D which is the "Heigth, Width, Depth, of your virtual sound stage"... now this option im not to sure of... what would this be used for? do i have any application for it?

next question is the HDEQ... "Adjustable from 63 Hz to 16 kHz in 13 bands" ... i know i will be using a high-pass from 80hz for my components... but im not sure on the rest of the EQ... would i just go through to see which sounds best... is there a usual EQ guide for specific speakers like which range of freq. is best suited for it? or do you always have to go through manually and find it out yourself...

ok last quesiton... i want to be able to use all these features without affecting the substage... does that mean i have to run seperate RCA's from the headunit to each amp? before with my entry/mid level headunits ive just used 1 rca to run back, then used TIFF 4' rca's to connect the amp's together ... i assume if i did this with this headunit , whichever settings i used on the headunit would also affect the substage considering say i used 80hz cutoff, it would also cutoff the sub @ 80hz since its the same "Front" rca output...

05-06-2007, 08:15 PM
haha you bought that head unit and dont even know what to do with it. lol

for the eq, just set the custom presets however you like the sound. it has 7 preset ones so dont worry too much. the time alignment is nice and would be a good thing to set properly if you want your system to have good imaging.

and perhaps my most favorite thing about sony headunits is the DSO. it makes an incredible difference in where it sounds like the speakers are. go to crutchfield and look up your model number and read up. pretty nice headunit for the money

05-06-2007, 08:17 PM
oh and you will have to run seperate rcas to the different amps. so you can adjust each one individually