View Full Version : Small box design questions

05-05-2007, 12:32 AM
I have a limited area to install a sub. I need to make a box and it's going to be around 0.4 cubic inches. I was hoping to squeeze a 10 in it, but I'm thinking maybe an 8 is all that will work.

Here are my questions:
What would the best material be for the box? I am wondering if using Fiberglass for the entire box would be better. My thought is if the walls are thinner, I increase my cubic space by a little and probably the mounting depth too?

Also, if I use polyfill in the box, approximately what effect would that have on the sub? Could it increase the appearance of the box to around 0.6 cubes?

Sorry if these questions don't make sense. This will be my the first box I make.

Thanks for all the help!!