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05-03-2007, 10:13 AM
ok, the system in my sig is going into my little cavaler, however im not sure whether to fire the subs forward or back, i built two 2.2net @ 38hz boxes for my audioque hd312's, they are slot ported with the port below the subwoofer. if i fire forward i will seal it off from the trunk with fiberglass, or i could just fire towards the rear, so im asking if anyone that has experience with cavaliers can tell me which is louder... im not sure which to do because firing forward sealed would mean that my trunk would not vibrate and make that annoying *** noise (yess theres 60sq ft of sound deadner in there) but it still vibrates like mad when i had the 15" mag. however firing forward is alot more work than firing back due to me having to fibreglass, im hoping that it is louder facing foward as then my car wont sound like **** from the outside... however if its louder facing backwards, ill just have to deal with it... thanks for any suggestions....

05-03-2007, 10:29 AM
does it only make a diff at highest volumes? i have a radioshack spl meter, that goes to 125, if i turn the volume until say 115db, then change the box position and measure again, is that an accurate way of telling which is louder>?

05-03-2007, 10:35 AM
what i was told was having the sub facing the front would be good for a sq setup. towards the trunk would give more spl if your propery sound deadin the trunk and it has a good seal. the reason to face the trunk is because how long it takes a bass note to generate. the wave can bounce off the rear of the car than come towards the front. if you face it towards the front it bounces off the windshield than ends up back in the trunk.


05-03-2007, 10:39 AM
your not 100% right because the trunk would be sealed off, so the sound wave would not end up back in the trunk..

05-03-2007, 11:49 AM
there are a ton of threads about sub firing. But to help u out a bit... I had a honda accord. I first had my setup firing rearward. Then i flipped my box around and had it firing towards the cabin. It sounded like crap. So i properly sealed everything off from the trunk while firing towards the cabin...Sounded GREAT. No trunk rattles, all bass was inside the cabin. I was very very pleased with my decision.

All in all, if u take the time to do it right, i dont see an issue with firing towards the cabin. But if u half *** it, expect half *** results

05-03-2007, 02:03 PM
sub and port facing forwards....your tuned too high for spl....

whats up karloen,...haven't see you in awhile....

05-03-2007, 02:12 PM

My old set-up. I trimmed the metal around the opening to the trunk to allow the box to fit in. It was sealed off from the trunk and did a 147

i did the same thing...where the plastic is, cut the metal out and slide it in from the front. what freq. did you do that 147 at? my best is a 146 at 38hz with my 15" brahma and 1200w. i found that the res.freq. of cavaliers is a lot lower than most cars....38-40hz. so i tuned to 32hz

05-03-2007, 02:17 PM
My buddy's 04 cav got loud with subs up, port foreward. Now with his sealed box, however, he gets louder firing rearward than foreward.

05-03-2007, 02:28 PM
My buddy's 04 cav got loud with subs up, port foreward. Now with his sealed box, however, he gets louder firing rearward than foreward.

if he placed it facing forwards but at the back of the trunk, it will not be as loud as facing backwards. face it forwards and push it up to the back seat.

05-03-2007, 02:34 PM
bmx bikes, how did you seal it off?... i trimmed the metal aswell...

05-03-2007, 02:40 PM
how do you open the trunk after fiberglassing the arm holes?

05-03-2007, 02:44 PM
hmm ok, the way u described sealing it off seems very complicated with the way my box is...the port is a slot right below the sub... a second baffle might be really hard... i think i might fiberglass all the round to seal off, that or make trim peices for 3 sides.

05-03-2007, 02:48 PM
by doing what?

im thinking of rebuilding my box.. and using areos... but not yet

05-03-2007, 02:53 PM
would i notice a difference in loudness to the ear?