View Full Version : Thanks lilmaniac2, and Hybridamp

05-03-2007, 07:03 AM
I finally ended up with all four of the DD1508 Digital Designs subs that were originally posted by lilmaniac2. Hybridamp bought two, and I bought two from lilmaniac2. Subs arrived in perfect condition, and brand new just as he said. Hybridamp sold his two to me also after deciding to wait on his project, and I had the dough to buy those also. Once again a perfect pair of subs delivered by Hybridamp and in perfect condition. I haven't tried the subs yet since I am still designing the enclosure, but I'm sure I will be quite pleased with them. Thanks to 2 perfect sellers/enthusiasts that were very professional, and sincere. A+ for both of them and would highly recommend them to anyone. I'll keep an eye out for more deals from these two guys. Thanks guys :cool: