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05-03-2007, 02:44 AM
Ok, so I have a '02 Grand Prix Gt and I decided I want to take the back seats out and make the whole backseat a deck for one very large box to put my Type R 12" into. Right now I have an 800watt Kenwood but I want to upgrade to this:


because it is 2ohm stable which my amp isnt and its more powerful.
Anyway I wanted to know if there is a large difference in the sound of a sealed box if it is a lot bigger than a usual sealed box. I mean, it'll probably be around 3-4 feet long and be about 15 inches high with the sub right in the center. How do you think this would sound?

I am an extreme SQ kinda guy and I know it'll be a lot louder right there in the back than in the trunk where im used to, but that also means If its sounds bad it'll be more in my face which will make me very angry. So what do you guys think I should do?

FYI, I listen to only metal for the most part and 1 12" is plenty loud for metal so I dont think I will want to get another sub, I just want a very large box, mainly because I used to have a very large ported box. It was like 3 feet by 14inches tuned to 30hz and it sounded REALLY good because it was so large the air would produce and play a kind of a higher overtone than what the LPF was tuned to(like it was tuned higher than it really was) so I would just sound so sweet because it could handle the bass guitar which is mixed higher in hz and the kick (which usually sounds better with a lower tuning) drum very well at the same time and produce both instuments very well.

But, in my experience with smaller sealed boxes they dont react the same way like that other box did, they usually either play the kick drum or the kick drums and the bass guitar would mesh together and it would generally sound bad. The large box, however, did have kinda bad SQ for really fast metal, so that why i was thinking a larger sealed box would be a good comprimise between the SQ of a sealed box and the hit + SPL range and general handling of the bass guitar and kick drum (depending on the mixing/recording of course,and as we all know can sometime be very crappy on a lot of more unknown underground metal bands.)

Am I making any sense? Do you think this would sound good or no? Im open to suggestions so please help me out. Im not a total audio noob, but i've never heard a large sealed box with only 1 sub in it. Let me know!

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alright well first off is your sub dual 2 or dual4??? I think its dual 2 since you want the 2channel to bridge it to 4ohms to get the most out of it. anyhow, if its dual 2 why not try and get an amp that will do around 700 at 1ohm instead of at 4ohms, unless you want a 2channel for your sub. but if your on a tightrer budget try this.
kenwood KAC-X811D . puts out like 1000 @1ohm but in all reality it will be more in the 700 range seeing as the fuse rating is only 75amps.

but if its dual 4ohm, run it down to 2ohms and try this.POWER ACOUSTIK A1000DB

look for them on ebay, both can be had for under 170 I think.

05-03-2007, 04:20 PM
oh I forgot to add, just leave it in your trunk and take out your rear speakers and leave the whole in the deck but leave your speaker grilles on there and it will let the bass into the cabin unless your seats fold down, but there is no nead to move the box to your backseat unless competing in a certain class. it would sound not so good. in my opinion

05-03-2007, 04:22 PM
also check out the official Type R thread in the subwoofer section. ask some questions there, you will get more responses, and also search and see what type size sealed boxes people are using

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05-03-2007, 04:59 PM
You should build the box to the subwoofer specifications FIRST. Then manipulate the box to fit the vehicle not the other way around.

IMHO I see no reason to remove your entire back seat for one, single, itty bitty, 12 inch subwoofer.

05-06-2007, 03:12 PM
you guys are right it was just a thought. thanks! BTW its a 4ohm Type R, not the 2 my kenwood amp isnt 2 ohm stable cuz I already tried to hook it up at 2 ohms. Its also a KAC some number. I think Kac 7002.