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05-02-2007, 01:44 AM
i was just wandering through the net looking for car audio install pics and i came across this. i'm undecided on my next move and looking for some ideas on what works. i'll probably just experiment myself anyway, but lessons learned can save a guy time.

as my pic shows, i recently gutted my 2001 Accord EX for sound deadening. I picked up 50 sq. ft. of Fatmat and so far i've installed it on the rear deck (top and bottom - no pic yet) and i'm starting on the trunk lid. i'll coat the whole rear and the front doors first. then i'll pick up more for the floor and roof if the install continues well. so far i'm happy and I think the quality of Fat mat is equal to
dynamat, but time will tell - this stuff is extremely sticky and flexible.

i just picked up some Alpine Type-X 6.5" components for my front stage. I was torn between Focal Polyglass 165V1 and Diamond Audio D661S. I also looked at MBQ Premium and DLS R6A. I went with Alpine because I am very picky on my highs and loved the adjustment abilities of the x-over. I'll feed it with an Alpine CDA-9851 (future 9885 plans) through an Alpine ERA-G320. A pair of Xtant 403A amps will provide plenty of amp configurations. My low frequency solution is still undecided. I have several decent 10" and 12" subs sitting around. If I go new, i'll probably go with Alpine Type-R. I know it seems i'm leaning toward Alpine, and while they are mass-produced, there is a reason they are popular. I've been running alpine since 1994 and have had a ton of luck and longevity (and they've been in it a lot longer than that). I'm not a fan of their amps, and my 9851 doesn't sound near as clear my old school 7939 or 7940, but that's why I use the G320 as the preamp. Basically, made in China does not equal made in Japan or USA.

What I am most interested in is different lessons learned with an Accord. Imaging is important, quality is important, and clarity is important. Hit me up with some experience in setting up components - i.e. tweeter mounting in dash vs. door vs. kicks. I'll try it myself, but i'm open to suggestion. I would prefer to fabricate my door panel to accommodate my mid in a better axis location.
My current options for a single sub location are:
* behind the rear seat firing into the car - pretty much sealed off from the trunk.
* drivers side - firing to the right - flush with the wheel well.
* behind the rear seat firing toward the rear.
increasing the number of subs means the first and third options are the same but the second is modified to include a pair facing each other. I want to maintain my spare and usable trunk space. I will find a trick amp mounting setup after deciding my final sub location(s).

My rear deck will be a pair of Massive Audio 6.5" carbon fiber components with silk tweeters. While they are older, they still sound great (the type-x are replacing them for front stage). I may get another type-x pair for the rear, but i'm part of the front stage, rear fill crowd. Mounting this component set is still undetermined, and i plan on fabricating the rear deck.

my background includes all sorts of audio; home, car, pro since the late 80's. i've sold it, installed it, and owned it. my passion led me to a degree in electrical engineering - so i can design it as well. i understand all aspects of audio theory as it relates to electrical, mechanical, and acoustical. so that's my intro/summary. gimme some useful and constructive feedback.

some past and current installs are shown on http://www.cardomain/com/id/keep_hope_alive


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just a small typo

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pimp *** regal BTW...i used to have an 84

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haha, thanks for that like fix. i hate typing on a laptop, but i'm on the road for work, sitting in hotel, drinking heineken.

while i'm here; it would be silly to just mention components and not the power and signal that feeds them, since they are just as important; optima red top, 4 GA power and ground wiring, RF 6 channel interconnects, .5F RF cap. routed signal down the center, power has a grommet through the fire wall and then down driver's side. all grounds solid to the body floor.

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oh, nice snatch.

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oh, nice snatch.


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i miss that regal. good thing i did it when i was young... but it gave me permanent hearing loss... plus it was wicked fast.

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