View Full Version : Wiring speakers question and problem

04-28-2007, 06:05 PM
When you wire a compotent set, you just connect positive and negative. But on a subwoofer, you have to wire it to get a certain ohm load. How do you do this with a speaker when you just connect positive and negative? And another question. I got my new comp amp in and hooked everything up. I hooked the tweeters up to the crossovers, hooked up the speaker to the crossovers, and ran two input wires, and ran each input to the amp. I fired everything up, and at low volumes, such as 5, there is an annoying humming noise comming through the speakers, and the speakers pop, making them go to full excursion when you first turn up the volume slow. Then at like volume 15, the music just plays and the humming is no longer there. Just wondering if anyone knows what the problem is. Thanks.