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04-28-2007, 04:35 PM
Well i bought this on the 24th sent payment promptly and get a pm that says item shipped. He says he was shipping it prioity so i shoulda had it either today or yesterday and nothing. He wouldnt give me a tracking number so i dont know what else to do but report it to his local police and through paypal. I cant get him to respond, but if any of you know jeremy stover please let me know so i can either get my amp or my money back and so i wont have to take him to court for this or anything. I bought it from him over on realmofexcursion but saw all of his refs on here so i thought he was a good seller turns out i dont think he is because im not the only person having a problem with him over there someone with an audioque hd-3 is to. Well please if you guys can help me out id really appreciate it because the last thing i want to do his have to take him to court for 800 dollars for an amp so lets try and get this resolved thanks

04-28-2007, 05:53 PM
no need to make two threads ab out the same thing

04-28-2007, 10:21 PM
sry didnt mean it i didnt see the beware thread until i did this so i figured it was better suited for there

04-29-2007, 05:05 PM
Dude... give the guy a break... he might be busy...
its only been a total of 6 days(today is sunday!!) maybe the P.O. took and xtra day.. wait till monday b4 you post scheisse(german :)) about court and police


04-29-2007, 05:31 PM
no worries with jmanjr hes a solider so he has a busy life if he said shipped its ship

04-29-2007, 09:58 PM

Been down that road before....people need to read feedbacks in the forums.

05-01-2007, 12:42 PM
Yea I sent you the audiocontrols and I got them back, and I refunded your money, and I took pictures proving it was no way my fault, so be sure to include that information.

05-01-2007, 12:54 PM
20blackls00 [seller] not looking so hot


i haven't heard from this guy since i sent payment on the 21st. has anyone else sent him cash for what he has listed here?

his paypal email address had some verified activity and it checked out via ebay for the feedback score he mentioned. hopefully he's just been busy but i wanted to post this to see if anyone else is going through the same thing with him right now.

Cant buy anything till i sell the t30001, also the components will be sent out tommorow morning nad ill post a tracking number on here. hope you get them soon, if you dont ill return your money. SOrry for taking so long ive had a lot of stuff to deal with and wasnt even able to get home from school, could of had my parents send them out but they wouldnt of known what speakers were what and what all went together with that comp set, ill let them go really cheap and im sorry for the fact that i wasnt able to get them out on time if you would rahter have your money back just send them back when you get the comps and i can do that but its up to you and about the IA 40.1 i told you i could get it soon as my RF was sold and havent been able to get that done yet, and i want to try and get a little more research done on it because its between that , or the vfl 400.1 which is also good for .5 ohms or a pair of xx hercules. So i will get pictures up of my other stuff with my name to prove i have it and as soon as soydeedo gets the comp set id appreciate if you post it up here. Im heading home tommorow from school and soon as im home in the morning them ill send em out, finally almost done with school and **** so i will be able to get stuff out as soon as it sells. It was my fault that i sold the stuff and wasnt able to get it out on time, when i was home the car was in the body shop for paint and i had the crossovers and tweets but the midbass were still in the back doors and i could nt get to the car. So please give me like 4 days or so and they should be at your door if not ill will galdy refund your money plus paypal fees. Thank you for being patient with me.

while your at it talking about time and such feel free to explain why your at fault here, then blaming someone else a bit contradictory huh? so hurricane feel free to explain to everyone while you try to pin your faults on me, beceause it looks as though you put a hold and try to retract the money sent for my VFL400.1 because thats what a guy did to you, for the same thing lastly feel free to look at the other thread to see the tracking number I provided as stated.


thank you hurricane for being impatient and ruining my name for no apparent reason, I did everything on my end of the deal. Further more if you want tell all the viewers how you took 3 days from the time you SAID you sent paypal payment to the time you ACTUALLY sent it 3 day time frame huh, and then you complain? What about the fact you wanted me to hold the amp for you until you sold some of your items, so I did (which I dont like doing in the first place) and the thanks I get is this? AWSOME great doing business with you!

05-01-2007, 02:58 PM
first off never asked you to hold the amp... check your pms there. I said i couldnt purchase it till my t30001 was sold i was also looking at different amps. And about that the guy wasnt home when it was delieverd, if you want i can post a tracking number and PMs from him just to show you. The tracking is in the system but he couldnt find the package at the Post office. So if you need me to do that i can post that for you guys also. I told him when i bought it what was going on so and contacted him when i was sent out but if you guys need proof i can show it. BUt otherwise i will do to the best to clear up your name and be a good reference for you. Im sorry all of this happend. As i said with all the stuff i found and that was said and you old name. I did jumped to conclusions along with a guy telling me he never recieved an hd-3 he paid for and the fact that you didnt reply to any of my messages for 4 days when all i wanted was the tracking number. But if i do get the amp i will make sure to clear you name

05-01-2007, 03:03 PM
Yea there was no guy on realm of excursion that bought 1 of my HD3s, 1 guy is in sweden and I have to make a template and stuff just to get it to him which obviously takes time (shipping to sweden isnt easy) 2nd hd3 just got sold and I got the money order yesterday the sub ships today when I get off work, the main idea about you on roe was the fact you were throwing up excuses for your mistakes of being late, then blamed me for the same thing you did.