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Hi, my name is Jason and I was a professional installer for 3 years back in 1996-1999 I installed JL Audio, Kicker, Mb Quart, Boston Acoustics, and a few others on the B, or C list I call it. I bought a pair of DD1508s from someone on here that I am very pleased about, and want to get 2 more. I also have bought and sold on E-Bay for over a year under 2 different names one being personal, and 1 being financed though someone else. I have a 508 feedback score with 100% on the financed ID, and a 99% on my personal thanks to a loser that said he left town, but probably bid and won a cheaper auction. Anyways, my main Focus is Focal (No pun intended, and JL Audio Amplifiers, since I have compared sound quality vs power and they are hard to beat, I have bought and sold 6 JL amplifiers, and have one awaiting to be installed for my mids & highs. I also am interested in having 4-8inch Subwoofers in the back of my Mazda B3000 P-UP extended cab that can do over 150dB, but at the same time play as a daily driver. Like I said I have 2 DD 1508s and will buy 2 more, unless there is another brand that will help me achieve this SQL if possible. It is a daily driver, but I will enter it into competitions if I design this right. I picked JL Audio Slash Series Amps because of there sound quality vs a few other amps that I had the ability to hear them side by side at the same time with the same CD and the same track. It seems that everyone is fighting to buy these JL Slash series brand amps on E-Bay. There also seems to be a lot of cons on there promising to give you a list of JL Amps, and W7 subs for $100 or less, which makes things even more complicated. My first experience on this forum with LILMANIAC2 was very professional, and I would not hesitate to buy more, if not all of my products on here assuming that everyone would welcome me with open arms. I have a lot of knowledge, but know that you will never know it all. If you do than you are fooling yourself. I feel that I would become an important biased person who will give the facts, and my opinion if asked. I apologize for making this long, but as a fellow Car Audio Lover of 13 years, I can't sum it up in a few paragraphs. Thank you and I hope to become an important asset to this forum and customer.

E-Bay ID Toyotateknician
E-Bay ID Audio4le$$ (business account, but not currently using)

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Welcome sir.

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oh, and welcome.

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i didnt read but welcome

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I noticed most everyone explains there systems, and there references? Are these refs of people that have bought off of you, or people who can vouch for you and your reputation? Thank you for welcoming me.

2003 Mazda (Ford) B3000 extended cab
Amp: JL Audio 450/4 (for mids and highs)
Amp: JL ???? for bass that I have not decided yet for these subs
Subs: 2 Digital Designs 1500 series 8 inch subs (plan on getting 4 total)
Battery: Optima Yellow Top up front, not sure about rear. (may get BatCaps)
Mids and highs: (that I have, but am not using yet) 2 pair of Focal TN-52 tweeters
Crossovers: A pair of Focal 165K2P upgraded passive crossovers.
Head Unit: (for now) Fusion FCD-135 (Want Pioneer with 4-5 volt outputs)
Power Dist: 4 Gauge, but plan to get 2-1/0 Gauge depending on Sub Power

Refs: from my E-Bay accounts, and Lilmaniac2 on this Forum

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welcome to another FL boy...

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Glad to have you on here.