View Full Version : Need some advise on what to do next...

04-24-2007, 11:51 AM
Ok I just upgrade my 99 Pontiac Sunfire. Here is what I did:

HU : Pioneer Premeir 590IB
Front: 6.5" Alpine SPS-17C2 250W (50 RMS)
Rear: 6x9 Pioneer Premier TS-A942P 440W (100 RMS)

Ok so now sounds 10x better then stock of course, but i really need to get a sub and amp for some bass and an amp to power up the speakers. Now If I want to put an amp to my front and rear speakers is it going to be difficult because of the difference in RMS between the speakers? like I won't be bale to use 1 amp to power all 4?

Secondly as far as a sub and amp for that. I'm looking for some deep bass no neccesarily super loud but crips responsive and deep. I was looking into wether to go with 1 10" or 2 10" or 1 12". I don;t want overkill on my bass to where it drowns out everything. I wanna try to go economy but not get stuck with crap either. Something maybe in the $300-$350 range? A friend reccomended an Earthquake sub, but i never heard or seen them before. Can anyone make some reccomendations of what I coudl possibly do? thanks!