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04-23-2007, 04:04 PM
Ok, my last thread was for a powered sub. I've been convinced to go seperate sub/enclosure/amp system.

The space I have to work with for the enclosure is 38" L X 12" D X 12" H

I want 1 10" sub or 12" sub it is in a convertible so take that into consideration on the enclosure selection. Would prefer a pre-fab enclosure, I can do electronics end of it but I'm not to hot with wood work. Although, I have a shop that will build to suit if someone provides dimensions.

I'm trying to stay around the $300-400 range for the sub/enclosure/amp.

Help Please!!!

04-23-2007, 06:44 PM
Is price of wiring into affect?

You need to tell us what you are wanting.......TONS of bass, or outstanding Sound quality,, how much can your electrical take :)

But with those dimensions after wood is displaced you have about 2.33ft^3 to work with......So if you go sealed, I would recommend a 12" at around 2ft^3,, OR if you go ported I would recommend a 10" at around 1.25-1.50ft^3 tuned tov around 32-35hz

But its all personal preference

To each his own :)

04-23-2007, 08:12 PM
I want what quality there can be in a convertible. I don't want to dynamat the whole trunk I'm just looking to add a little bump in the trunk. I generally listen to both Rap and Country so I'd prefer something that has more of a punch then a low end.

04-23-2007, 09:33 PM
Ok, may have come up with a solution. Pioneer enclosure UD-SW12B loaded with a shallow mount Pioneer Premier. But, what is a decent priced amp to run with this setup?

04-23-2007, 09:41 PM
Are you intending to run the Pioneer Premier TS-SW3041D sub that the specified enclosure claims to be made for?

If so that driver is rated for 350w RMS and will likely easily take up to 400w in that sealed enclosure so you're looking for 300-400w @ 4 Ohms.

If you're on a tight budget but still want to buy new (authorized) with a warranty take a look at this Profile amp (http://www.crutchfield.com/S-cdJlBQEfqoj/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?search=Profile+VENDORID489&searchdisplay=Profile&i=489AP600) from Crutchfield. If purchased through them it will come with a 3 year warranty but it can easily be found cheaper online such as MillionBuy.com, SonicElectronix.com, eBay, etc.

04-23-2007, 10:56 PM
Not sure which Pioneer to use? Pioneer TS-SW3041D or Pioneer Premier TS-SW1241D they're the same price and seem to have the same ratings. Does anyone know what speaker is better?