View Full Version : Need help building box

04-22-2007, 10:42 PM
OK i just bought a fusion PP-SW15H 15 inch driver I was wondering on deciding to go with a ported box or sealed i got unlimited room to work with since this is going into the back of my truck bed its dual 2 omh its the heavy duty sub
heres the specs
Max Power Rating (Watts: 1500
RMS Power Rating (Watts): 500
Coil Height (Hvc): 28
Compliance (Cms): 147.72
Cone Area (Sd): 80.42
D.C. Coil Resistance (Re): 1.75
Electrical Q (Qes): 0.457
Force Factor (Bl): 12.08
Free Air Resonance (Fs): 28.28
Frequency Response: 23Hz - 500Hz
Gap Height (Hag) (mm): 10
Impedance (Nominal): 2
Inductance (Le) (mH): 0.33
Linear Excurson (Xmax):30
Mechanical Excursion (mm):9
Mechanical Q (Qms): 4.796
Moving Mass (Mms): 214.38
Sensitivity (dB) (1W/1M): 90
Total Loudspeaker Q (Qts): 0.417
VAS (L): 135.67
VAS (CuFt): 4.79
Magnet Structure (Oz): 241
Total Loudspeaker Displacement (L): 11.3

So how should the box be built let me know, thank you