View Full Version : Tweet02......GOOD GUY A+

04-16-2007, 04:57 PM
He sold me an Ipod Video, but accidentally shipped me the wrong one. I flipped when i got it, but he quickly explained t to me, and we are working it out right now.

He is a great seller, and bends over backwards to make things right!!! You guys will be lucky to do business w/ him!!!!!!!
thanks bro

04-17-2007, 08:16 PM
I take that back!!!!!

Got fvcked over 3 times by him................never again.
Rather pull my fingernails off w/ pliars!

04-17-2007, 11:56 PM
You say you got screwed, and you have bad mouthed me in PMs to people, now i will deal with you through Paypal, and keep the forum posted as to what happens. Out of all the sales i have on here, you had to be the ****, you explained to the forum what happened wich was the truth, you got the wrong ipod, and the way you blasted me in the thread was Fed up, you made it clear, give me my product or refund me!!!! I tested the ipod that was meant for you, and it wouldnt hold a charge, rather than send you a fualty ipod, and go thru the bullshit with you all over again, i gave you a refund!! Now a 60 GB comes along, belongs to a friend of mine, i do him a favor to sell it on here, and get a favor in return on a nice HU, you want it, but dont have the funds, cause paypal hasnt or wont post your funds, but in my paypal, it says REFUND COMPLETED!!! I even call paypal on your behalf, and ask is there a way to pay this customer..I mean *******, so he can have his money, and me not have bad feed back, but paypal says we have secured the money from your acct, his acct will be credited when that batch of bank pulls come up.. I ask how long will that take, she said anywere from tonite to 3 days. Out of my control!!! So now he is upset, that I cant hold the 60 Gb ipod, cause it dosent belong to me, so as soon as someone post in the thread some intrest, he gose in PM's and bad mouths me!! Bottom line is this, wrong Ipod went to him, the one that suppose to go to him is fualty, didnt want another problem, REFUND!!! Another ipod comes, i cant hold it for him, some im the bad person, but his money is in paypals hands, and he still has a ragedy *** ipod that dosent belong to him. Now as much as I tried to get him hismoney, so he get his ipod from were and whom ever, he did this, so now i am going to call paypal, let them know about the tranaction, and ask them to hold the refund, until i rec that ragedy *** ipod back!! Now CA.com family, my mistake was shipping the wrong Ipod, after admitting that, i tried to correct it best and fastest way possiable!! Any one in my refs will tell you, i do what i say, and I stand by the arrangements made in every deal!! Am I wrong!!!!!!!

04-18-2007, 12:43 AM
i have had only positive experiences with tweet02