View Full Version : 1/2 Din flip up, and general questions

04-16-2007, 12:58 PM
I got the idea from this board, someone put a 1/2 din flip screen in their car dash

I travel a LOT, and in fact will be leaving in June to go to St. Louis then pennsylvania... I run my laptop with Delorme Street Atlas and an LT-20 GPS reciever but it sits low and to my right and makes it hard to look at when in heavy traffic to make sure im in the right lane

I'd like to mount a nice thin screen to pop out of my dash that runs to a soon to be made car-puter specifically for my navigation and MP3 storage....

HOWEVER, i'm fairly a newbie to all good screens and such... I don't want to run an in dash where my head unit sits because it blocks off the a/c vents... (something I don't want blocked off in FL during the summer!) hah.

Anyway thats a short description on the idea now that I've seen it done and my questions are this

1. Since it would be fiberglassed with very little room around it, should I put a fan in the dash to cool it?

2. Do they make touchscreen half din screens?

3. Does anyone know of any florida laws about multimedia screens being in the middle of the dash within view and so on (i think i may be ok as long as it's not playing video)...

ALSO, if anyone has a 1st gen Chevy s10 with a neat idea i'd LOVE to see pics of your setup! THANKS>

04-30-2007, 04:22 PM
your going to want a vga screen for that otherwise you wont be able to make out the font on a regular composite screen. There arent any 1/2 din vga screens so your either going to have to get a full din indash motorized/non motorized screen or mold a vga screen somewhere.

go to mp3car.com and read the FAQs there... and search... A LOT....