View Full Version : Anyone going ported for the ED12k's?

02-07-2003, 11:59 PM
Well i know all about sealed box's (if theres anything to know) but I wanted to build a spare ported competition box for my ED12k's. Got a couple questions...

I will be running 1200 watts to both of them, so 600 each, will that blow them in a ported box?

How do I configure the settings on the amp and the port size (website?)?

Any special recomendations for these subwoofers?

Well there will be many more half way "ported newbie" questions coming along, share anything you think is usefull to me, THanks!

02-08-2003, 03:41 AM
im running mines off a mtx81000d at 2ohms with absolutely no problems. know how to set ur gains, and run a good subsonic and u'll have no problems. i've only had mines for awhile now though and i'm still experimenting with whats gonna work best, but as of now, everything is great... love these subs

02-08-2003, 12:28 PM
alright cool, i see your box is like 4ft cu or something, thats for both speakers correct? I made a box that would fit my trunk being like 6cu ft for both speakers, that would work, right?

02-08-2003, 01:11 PM
thats bigger than what elemental recommends, but it shiould work fine as long as u give it clean power and don't get all crazy with the volume control and have a nice subsonic for it. you should be thumping pretty hard

02-08-2003, 02:34 PM
alright, well ill check their site again, ill probaly just go as big as they recomend, nothing bigger, just takes up more room. like i said my sealed box will be my daily box because i do need some trunk space, seeing in that the only time ill use ported is on special occasions what settings do i need to tweak on my amp? THanks.

02-08-2003, 02:51 PM
Depending on the classification of sound u are looking to draw from your EDK's..I would go with a 5ft3 tuned to 35-37hz..This will give u enough air space to drive the woofers for a great mix of outrageous SPL and great SQ...Other words an overall SQL system setup...But all this is pending on the type of vehicle u have..So if u need any additional help just send me an IM over AIM or send me a PM..But if u are looking for an ALL-OUT SPL comp setup..I would strongly recommend going with a larger more highly tuned box..therefore, drawing even more from the subs


02-08-2003, 05:26 PM
well i think it will be all out spl, it will be strictly for competitions or only special occasions. So from what you said, and what i think, for all out spl could i go 6ft? I have a sedan and im not sure how much more room i have (technically the trunk is 13 ft. cu.). But the only thing is i dont want to blow my subs or even risk it, if that means i buy a 600.1 just for competitions thats fine, at least im not going to have to pay 250 for new subs. tell me what you think...