View Full Version : MB quart or JL?

04-15-2007, 02:22 AM
I was trying to decide on some 6 1/2's I was looking at the Mb quart Q 216 signatures, the regular qsd 216's and the Jl zr series. These are the speakers that I hear the most praise about. I found the signatures for 699.00 and the qsd's for 300.00 does that signature actually make a 300.00 difference worth while? I know that its true that more money doesnt necesarilly make a better speaker, but then again sometimes you do get what you pay for.. I seen the ZR's for 599.00 where do they fall into the hiarchy? I see some people saying that the cheaper XR's are better, are they really better or is that just an XR owner trying to make himself feel better about not having the "flagship JL mid" No offense to the XR owners... I mean,, we all wanna feel like our equipment is top notch. To many choices and configurations....AHHHHHHH somebody help me, i want this all taken care of before it starts getting nice outside.. Thanks for your time in reading my post.. Id appreciate any and all opinions that i can get. Id like to see a huge debate over this ;)