View Full Version : New Type R's???

04-14-2007, 05:15 PM
Anyone have experience with both the new and old Type R comps??? It would be cool if you could give as detailed of a comparison as possible. I listened to the new set of Type R comps at best buy and they sounded really nice. I know there is a world of difference between the speaker wall and the inside cabin of a car, but I really didnt like the old Type R's.

04-14-2007, 06:20 PM
I listened to the older Type-R comps ar Circuit City a few months back and they ******. Sound was very muddy and the tweeters were way too harsh. Although it could be mostly a byproduct of they way the set was installed, I would still stay away from them.

There are TONS of great comp sets at affordable prices. If you're looking for a new set of comps, give us some info on your budget and listening preferences and we can help you out.