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04-13-2007, 11:01 PM
Samsung 204b, 20.1'' LCD, 5MS response, 600:1 Contrast Ratio, 3 year Best Buy warranty. I paid 400+50.00 for the service plan on this monitor in may of 06, and I hardly ever use it. It just sits on my desk.

350 shipped..

Canon S2IS - 5.0 MP, Image Stablizer, 12X optical zoom, probably most features per dollar camera on the market. You can get similar features in an SLR. This thing cost me 400.00 + 90.00 for the service plan back in 200. I'm asking for 275 + shipping for the camera..350 shipped if you want the service plan, because i can cancel it. Camera is in pristine condition, as i am meticulous about this stuff.