View Full Version : Incriminator Audio Lethal Injection 12"

04-08-2007, 03:09 PM
12 Inch:
Fs:26.9 Hz
Re:8 ohm series
Mms:162.846 g
Vas:82.157 L
Spl:89.7 db 1w/1m
BL:23.978 TM
X-max:26 mm peak to peak
Sub diameter:12 1/2 inches
Mounting:11 inches
Mounting depth:5 5/8 inches
Driver displacement:.11 cubic ft.
Power:500 Wrms / 1000 peak

Summary:This is one amazing sub!!! Words can not explain how happy I was with my LI. The LI was my first sub and what a first sub it was!! As soon as I got this first thing that I noticed was the build quality! Very well built sub. I had it hooked up to a bahn A8000T ( I know I know) in [email protected] Lets just say this much, as hard as I tried I could not get this sub to miss a beat. Heavy metal with strong fast double bass drum couldn't even make the LI miss a step, the LI just excelled! I also had a fart box made, [email protected] People were blown away at the amount of sound this "no name POS" sub could put out. Sadly I never got it metered. In my opinion this is thee best sub in the $150 range.

Strength:The was one strong driver. I ran it at 800w daily for 3-4 months with no side of failure or fatigue. This sub has been known to take 1-2k burps and put up some impressive numbers!

Weaknesses:To be honest, I can not think of any real weaknesses to the LI. The guys at Incriminator really did an amazing job. In my opinion you'd be very hard pressed to find a fault with this sub.

Again these are all my personal opinions on the sub. I have had a limited amount of subs to deal with but so far this has been my favorite!