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04-08-2007, 01:18 PM
Hellow whats up guys. Lets see, I have been interested in car audio for about 6 years. My first system was in a 93 Accord, and it consisted of a rockford 400watt amp and two of rockfords lowest line of subs. Then I upgraded the subs several times with other rockfords, however I blew them everytime. I then acquired two 12w0's and had those for a while until I got a new car.

This car was a 95 nissan maxima. The first system I had in it was a jbl 1200.1 and a eclipse titanium 10 in a crappy q logic sealed box. I eventually blew that sub, and sent it in for repair. While it was at eclipse I decided that I wanted tons of bass, and bought four twelve inch kicker comp vr's, a 6.5 in mb quart component set, a jbl 180.1 to go with the 1200.1, a yellow top battery, stinger cap, and 0 gauge wire. They were all in a sealed box in my trunk. It got pretty loud, and eventually I got over the whole bass thing because my car was rattling way too much.

Then I got an 02 rsx type-s and just put the eclipse titanium 10 in it, in a custom ported box. It sounded pretty good.

Then I sold the rsx and got a 2003 evolution VIII and that is my current car. All I have in this car is a kenwood indash headunit.

I have recently become interested in car audio again, but I want to be involved in the designing and building of systems. I'm working on aqcuiring all the necessary tools to get started. My first build is probably going to be two l7 12's in a ported box in the back of a 2002 accord. I really like this site a lot. Definitely the best car audio site I have been on. Lots of great information.

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