View Full Version : need enclosure advice

02-06-2003, 07:35 AM
I`m running two 15 inch zuez subs, my question is regarding my enclosure. i built it with the correct air space according to the specs sheet.few problems though, i made it before i learned a bit about car audio. first major problem: i used 1/2 inch plywood, not mdf. now i know mdf is ideal, but honestly, HOW much of a NOTICABLE difference is there? i mean i know it would be better, but i had some guy tell me it would sound 200% better, i just find that hard to believe. plus what is meant by "better" , sq, or spl? im going for hard hitting deep bass, so i want all your advice. also: should the box have a board seperating the two subs, so its like two chambers? what i did is just multiply the airspace i needed for one sub by two, should they be seperated? the last mistake i think i made was when i ported it. the air space calculations were for a ported box, and the recomended port sixe was 3 inches in diameter, 7 inche long tube...that was for one sub. after i had finished my box i just put one port of that size in the middle of the box sould i put two ports of this size?? i know you guys really know your stuff, so if you could help me out id really appreciate it, thanks for any input.