View Full Version : How should I fill the rear?

04-07-2007, 02:46 AM
OK. Got an '05 Accord sedan. Will be putting in the focal 165kf comps in front. Do I: 1) run them off a 2 channel amp and run the 6x9's off the Factory HU, 2) buy better than stock 6x9's and run them off the factory HU, or 3) get a 4 channel and add aftermarket 6x9's later when I have the extra cash?

I like having some rear fill because it does add bass and fills the car with sound.


04-07-2007, 06:20 PM
Do you have your doors deadened? If not, then do so and you wont need the rears for midbass at all...

If you really want to, run some cheap rear fills like pioneers. I wouldnt waste my time or money paying move to power them. Just run them off the HU...

04-08-2007, 06:53 AM
I run Alpine 6x9 type S. They sound good for rear fill. If you have a 4 channel amp you can use that to power them, otherwise just run them off the head unit.