View Full Version : Verizon Chocolate Phone for sale

04-06-2007, 06:34 PM
I am selling my LG Chocolate Cell phone. i have had it for about 6 months and it is used but it works perfectly. i have the music cable, music program cd, headphones, leather case, and the original box and paper work.
-I am looking for $150 for everything

E-Mail: [email protected]

Pictures are available, just ask

04-06-2007, 07:39 PM
That shipped?

04-06-2007, 10:00 PM
I would like Pics.

04-06-2007, 11:25 PM
no thats not shipped. but it wouldnt be much. and the pics i will have tomorrow. sorry i left my camera at work

04-06-2007, 11:27 PM
where in IL do you live? you got the black model?

That's a good phone for alot of features, most of all music

04-07-2007, 05:25 PM
i live in champaign illinois and yeah, it is the black model. and yeah, it is a kick *** phone, i just have a free upgrade on my contract so i figured i would sell it. like i said it all works perfect i just dont need it anymore