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03-30-2007, 04:19 AM
Ok i dont know if i posted this inthe correct place but since this is where design and building is the topic i figure its the best spot.

I recently decided to get some jaspers cause i am tired of odd shaped circles and i would like to make a couple rings... So i know there is this store down the street from me called woodcraft... I have seen it for years never went in.... Looked it up on the net. WOW what a awesome looking site


Anyways they arent just a local thing. There are many of them all around. If you have one near you then you owe it to yourself to just go in and spend a hour or two checking it all out and talking to the people.

This place has any wood working tool you would ever want. They also have some of the most rare wood i have ever seen in my life. I have never heard of most of the stuff they had. I mean who has seen purple wood ? man some of this stuff was awesome... They also teach classes im thinking of signing up for a couple just to learn a bit more. Its really a awesome place. I see myself spending lots of money i dont have at this place in the near future. Thought i would share it cause there are so many here into working with wood.

Warning they are expensive for some stuff but they do carry baltic birch thats way sweeter then what i got and cheaper as well. They also sell full sheets of almost any type of wood there is. When im a ultra baller some day i would love to make a box out of all ebony... but a single sheet alone is almost $700....

In the end its full of really cool people who know a whole lot about wood and wood working. They are more then willing to share knowlage and help with any sort of project you may want to take on. One guy was trying to tell me how to just make myself a jig instead of buying the jasper but im lazy...

03-30-2007, 11:43 AM
They do mail order, I get their catalog. If they don't have a tool for woodworking, you don't need it.