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03-29-2007, 09:23 PM
Opened up my sub box today and the cone is cracked on the e12a.

Price/Performance sub that works well in small enclosures?

03-29-2007, 09:28 PM
wha? its okay to type more then two sentences lol. what happened? your subs cracked? need new ones?

BLD 25
03-29-2007, 09:49 PM
yeah, what happened?

03-29-2007, 10:21 PM
just use some posterboard and superglue.. bam fixed.

03-30-2007, 12:59 AM
You've got a PM.

03-30-2007, 05:26 AM
I was replacing the box and when I got the sub out and turned it over I saw the crack. That seems to be an issue with the e12a and why they don't make them anymore.

Thinkng about it, when I first got the 12a it was very punchy and tight. Lately it's been sloppy and boomy. It's time move on to better.

BTW, I don't plan on looking at every sub from 8-18 here. I'll spare the forum :)

03-30-2007, 05:38 AM
If you like the old a series, check out the new ones.. everyone is saying its a better version of the old ones...

03-30-2007, 07:03 AM
Here's what happen to mine I think.

"the 12A's had problems with cracking the cone if you pushed the speaker too hard. When you reached Xmax the sub would bottom out and that did not end well."

I had 900w to it, and did push it at times. What I liked about the 12a was the tight bass, it popped while it thudded and would go pretty low. I don't need 10hz but a clean 30 would be nice. Price is always an issue with me but something reasonably priced that does "it's thing" very well generally get's my money.

I'm thinking something <$150 should get me an upgrade to the 12a.

03-30-2007, 11:52 AM
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03-30-2007, 11:58 AM
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