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03-29-2007, 01:54 AM
I previosuly had my 2 12" Perfects in a 1.88 sealed box(each), then later (to free up some space in my trunk) decided to build Decware's infamous DeathboxII. I was VERY impressed with the deathbox 10, so I guessed the 12" version would have twice the output. The key is I want to use BOTH the woofers. I iso'ed them in the Deathbox (yes, wired correctly) and... sounded very nice and clean, but greatly lacked the SPL that the previously sealed enclosure had. As a last resourt I would go to a ported due to the large volume needed. I understand the SS is also a large enclosure, but if it is supposed to have the sound quality of a sealed, w/ the output of a vented, I am willing to test it out first. But as previously stated, I would like to use BOTH the woofers. My question to experienced builders, I have many hours research on the enclosure and have found the dimensions for construstion for a REXXX. For those that dont know the story, supposive P4S was underpaying, or ripping off an employee (correct me if im wrong) and that employee started leaking some info onthe boxes construction. He claimed the the box stays basicly the same except fot the small enclosure which the driver is mounted. This is calculated by the Qts and Vas of the woofer. If its close to the REXXX's that design would wook for your woofer. Well, my Infinity's arent close, but I was wondering if possible to either (also wanted input on which would be better) Iso load my woofers, or I thought design it with the 2 woofers sharing that inner enclosue air space. I thought I read about there being a "Dual Shot" that uses 2 12" but I cant seem to find any info on them. One last thing, with this enclosure, how would the calculations for the inner enclosure be done?! I dont know to much about QWave enclosures, though I have read and understnad them. Using BBP construction of sealed/ported are cake. The trans/horns are tricky. Anyone with previous knowled of building this enclosure, or just more experience than myself I would GREATLY appreciate their input. Thanks.

03-29-2007, 02:21 AM
You can, in no way use 2 subs with that box.In fact, it'd be rather foolish to. In the double shots, you don't need the a-board ;)

What Matt Cole said, was nothing we didn't already know about the boxes.He was just trying to create as much drama as possible.

All I can say, if you want to figure out how to caculate everything for them/design them you'll need A LOT more than a couple hours of searching, building, and experimenting. It's truly only worth it if you intend on building/selling them and maybe designing them.

Best of luck.If you just want to pay for one to be designing, PM me.