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03-27-2007, 11:45 AM
Pearl Gray

Went last night to get a family plan. My fiance took advantage of her upgrade plan and got a phone in addition to mine. It was kind of an impulse buy, but instead of taking it back we're going to try to sell it and make a little $$$ off it.

Cheapest e-bay price is $130+17 shipping. So, my price is $130 shipped. This thing is brand new. Hasn't been taken out of the plastic yet. I can get pics later, but like I said, it's brand new. We will take the UPC off the box to get the rebate, otherwise there would be no point in trying to sell it. Other than that, the box will be 100%, and you'll get a brand new RAZR V3 with all accessories, manual, etc...everything that comes in the box.



Included Accessories

* Battery
* Charger
* English/Spanish user guide
* Hands-Free Headset
* SIM Card

Top Phone Features

* Instant messaging: Yahoo!®, and AIM®*
* Text messaging*


* Camera w/ 4x digital zoom
* Video capture/playback
* MegaTones®, Wallpaper & Games*
* Games included


* Bluetooth® wireless technology
* myFaves capable*
* Quad-band world phone (850/900/1800/1900 MHz)
* Speakerphone


* Voice recorder
* External caller ID
* Web browser
* Vibrating alert

03-27-2007, 11:31 PM
Bump before bed.

03-28-2007, 03:34 AM
will you trade for a hc800